Welcome at the European Sports for All Games
What can you do during the European Sports for All games from August the 3rd -7th? See the program here.

Main Program
Opening ceremony of the European Sports for All Games during the opening of Sneekweek
The opening ceremony of the European Sports for All Games will take place during the opening of the Sneekweek. Welcome the Frisian and international teams and their sports during the Fleet review! During the entire Sneekweek you will meet international athletes and their sports in the Starteiland and in the city center of Sneek. They will give demonstrations and you can experience the sports yourself.

Freeze! Experience the ice
Winter during the summer? It Giet oan! In 2 hours you can skate the Eleven City tour in the Elfstedenhal in Leeuwarden during Freeze! Compete with the famous Dutch Sprinters during the 100-meter sprint on ‘Houtsjes’ Go crazy and go show skating or ‘iisstoksjitten’. The Pea soup will also be ready! Don’t forget that the will be international teams who will show their sports. Buy a ticket and don’t miss it!

BeActive Festival: A day out for the entire family
On the final day of the European Sports for All Games everybody comes together in Heerenveen, during a special sportsfestival where you can see all the international teams and their sports. All teams will give demonstrations and you can try them.

Sharing a true festival atmosphere with music, food, dance and lots of fun! A great outing for your family. Entrée is free.

BeActive squares
Throughout Friesland there will be several BeActive squares where the international teams will demonstrate their sport. Come to Grou, Sneek, Leeuwarden, Witmarsum Grijpskerk or Heerenveen.
Discover new sports and compete with your family.

During the European Sports for All Games there are several special tournaments from international sports. You are more than welcome to visit the European Championship Pahlavani Wrestling, Open Frisian Chamipionship Chanbara (soft sword fighting) or the championship sailing for people with a disability during the Sneekweek from August the 4th – 6th.

See the complete program here!

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