Spain, a country with many traditions, great food and siestas. A superpower that values cultural and traditional games. Spain will present no fewer than 12 games, including 2 team and 10 individual games at the European Sports for All Games.

Peloto Mano Canaria is a variation of tennis, with not two but five players per team. Interesting detail is that it is played by hand (no racket) and without a net. A real must-try (especially for the “Kaatsers” among us).

Other local / regional sports that will be presented vary from throwing, striking and power games. Especially the throwing games with all kinds of objects are popular sports. The objects that are thrown are small balls, metal and wooden discs, big balls, wooden sticks and horseshoes.

An odd, but interesting game that sticks out, is the power game El Garrote Aragonés in which two individuals test each other’s strength by pushing the end of a wooden stick. A nice test for everyone to see if you are as strong as you thought.

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