Real martial arts from Russia

Do you like tactical martial arts, where insight is more important than power? Come and see our guests from Russia demonstrate their Martial Arts. Learn about two real Martial Arts sports: belt wrestling an Sambo. Sambo literary means: self defence without weapons. You will learn to combine the most effective techniques from several martial arts sports. Sambo is a combination of judo and wrestling. And that is the second Martial Art sport from Russia: beltwrestling.

In addition to belt wrestling and Sambo, the Russians will also show Toxophily. This is a tradional form of archery. Archery from Buryatia has a long history and is part of a traditional ritual. These sport matches are dedicated to the goodness of the hunt and the forest.
The bow is made out of wood and bones of animals. And a base made of wood of 2 by 4 meters, covered with a carpet. The athletes must wear traditional costumes and shoot over a distance of 45 to 50 meters at the base.

Will you join us?
Where can you find our Russian guests during the European Sports for all Games?
– 07/08 BeActive Festival Heerenveen

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