Dance and sport with Romania

Do you want to dance with a real Romanian dance group? This is possible during the European Sports for All Games. Our guests from Romania will introduce you to the Călușarii, a traditional group dance, where the dancers try to make as much impression as possible with graceful high jumps and fast dance passes. The dancers wear white clothes with brightly coloured ribbons attached to their hats while bells are connected to their ankles causing cheerful tinkling. Not to be overseen are the sticks that the dancers use for acrobatic tricks. That for sure will cause you sweat!

Do you prefer sporting more than dancing? In that case you are also welcome for a game called Turca. Turca is a traditional Romanian game, played by two teams of five people. The aim is to toss a small stick in the air and to bat it with a big stick as far away as possible. It looks to be a bit similar to baseball. All kidding aside: this really is a must to have it done once!

Do you join?
Where can you find our guests from Romania during the European Sports for All Games?
4/8 Fierljeppen Grijpskerk (Călușarii)
5/8 BeActive square Sneek centrum
7/8 BeActive Festival Heerenveen

Working together