It is called The European Sports for all games. One would think “Why do we include Japan in these games?”
Chanbara is a revolutionary new martial art sport in Europe. It is a sport for everybody as it trains your posture, your balance and it strengthens your confidence. Fighting looks like a dangerous sport but there is no risk of injury. We use soft sticks to execute old Japanese combat techniques and with the right timing everybody can achieve great effects: In our country, young as well as old people already practice this sport!

Taking a leap from traditional sport to modern sport
In 1973, the founder Tanabe Tetsundo Sensei and some of the strongest swordsmen in Japan turned the traditional sport into a more modern form. 45 years later, the martial art has spread all over the world. It not only attracts children but combatants of all ages. Chanbara has nowadays 300.000 members who practice in 40 countries. It is recognized by the official Sports Association in Japan and its president was elected by the Japanese emperor.

European Sports for All Games
Kouhei Iwao and his team are enlighted about the unique chance to participate in European Sports Of All Games as our Special Guest. The Japanese team is excited about bringing their traditional sport Chanbara all the way to Europe and is hoping to find a big international fanbase. Kouhei Iwao will also bring an Asian team, an African team and an European team!

Working together