Hurling is an Irish traditional ball game which is probably already well-known to a few visitors of the European Sports of All Games. The players hold a typical Hurling racket and aim to hit a small ball into the goal of the opponent. It is played on a large rectangular grass field outdoors. Hurling includes a lot of running and to avoid head injuries, the players wear helmets.

Gaellic Football
Gaellic Football is the second traditional ball game that the Irish team brings to us. The objective of the sport is to score by kicking the ball into the opponent’s goal or by throwing it between to upright posts above the goal. The players are allowed to carry, bounce, kick and hand-pass the ball. Advanced players are even able to drop the ball while running and then toe-kicking it into the goal (Soloing). The same pitch is used as for Hurling.

Both sports are extremly popular in Ireland while Gaelic football is one of the few remaining strictly amateur sports in the world with everybody involved being prohibited from receiving any form of payment.

GAA Fun & Run
GAA Fun & Run is an activity – involving a team of batters/kickers and fielders – which is suitable for all age and ability levels. It is particularly suited to meet the needs of people with disabilities, people from socially deprived and ethnic minority groups who often perceive themselves to be excluded from mainstream GAA activities. It aims to provide people with a strong sense of Irish culture and heritage through a purposeful activity that will enable them to grow and maintain optimum participation across the full diversity of Irish community life.

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