Hungary pulls out all the stops

The Hungarian team should book an extra flight to Friesland. The team will demonstrate 10 traditional sports during the European Sports for All Games.
All 10 of these sports are introcud to you.

Ring Throwing
You must know ring throuwing, however, this Hungarian game is played just a little bit differtent. A wooden cross with vertical rods in the middle and at the end is placed on the ground. The throwing line is marked. The player gets 5 rings, which should be thrown onto the rods of the cross. The rods are worth different points. The winner is the player who has collected the most points.

Pulling the Stick
This game was a typical game of daring for boys in the countryside. The two contestants stand facing each other in a circle, while holding onto a stick held horizontally. At the signal they have to try to pull the opponent out of the circle without letting go of the stick.

Puli Run
This is a competition of speed. There are two Puli dog toys made of yarn. (A Puli is a special Hungarian herding dog.) A wooden handle is connected to each yarn Puli with twine. The players have to roll the twine onto the handles with two hands. The winner is the player whose Puli arrives at the goal (the end of the carpet) sooner.

Horse Shoe Games
Horseshoe Throwing Players have to throw 3 horseshoes onto a vertical rod. The difficulty is that the horseshoe easily rolls off the rod from the momentum.

Flying beanbags
At the far end of a seesaw there is a basket with a beanbag. If the player stands on the near end of the seesaw, this beanbag will fly up. The player should catch it with a “catcher”. The game can be made more difficult if the player uses two beanbags and two catchers as the bags will fly into different directions.

The toy named buzzer is widely used in the whole Hungarian language area. Two holes are drilled in the middle of a cylindrical piece of wood. A string is threaded into them, the ends of which will be connected. You take it by the two ends and spin it until the string gets twisted. When pulled apart, the piece of wood starts spinning. While it spins outwards, the string is pulled, at which point the momentum will carry it over, and once again it gets rolled up and is then released. The smarter the player is, the longer he/she can keep it going, and in the meantime, the toy makes a buzzing sound. Buttons and thread can be used as well; today it is generally played in this way.

Swamp trekking 
This is a competition of speed and skill for two players, both of whom will have 3 boards of wood. The task is for the players to cover a certain distance so that they place one board ahead of themselves while standing on the other two. The player who covers the distance faster wins.
Waist Pulling

In the middle of a circle, two players face each other. A strong sling is placed around the two of them. At the signal, the competitors try to pull each other out of the circle with the help of the sling without touching it.

Cuman* Noddling
Slings are attached to the ends of a rope. The two contestants put them around their necks and – without touching the rope or each other with their hands – try to pull the other one out of the circle with only the strength of their neck and leg muscles.
*The Cumans were a Turkic nomadic people. After the Mongol invasion (1237), many sought asylum in Hungary, as many Cumans had settled in Hungary and Bulgaria before the invasion.

Cuman* Push
The players stand facing each other in a circle. A rod is placed on their stomachs, and, grabbing the rod in this position, the players have to push their opponent out of the circle.

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