Ikkaido is the largest Martial Arts Charity in the world. It provides mass participation for people who are disabled, disadvantaged or live in poverty. Ikkaido arranges a social connection between teachers, coaches, healthcare providers and disabled people. Both groups learn to cooperate and to coach with the principles of this Martial Arts sport in mind. Disabled people start at the age of 5 and can continue for the rest of their lives. Ikkaido is designed for movement at all ages.

There are seven principles on which the Martial Arts sport is based (7 virtues of Bushido): Perseverance, goodwill, compassion, good behavior, sincerity, integrity and responsibility. This approach helps developing their character, values and life skills.

By being constantly on the move, disabled people are healthier and more vital, which is scientifically proven. Practicing Martial Arts increases their self-confidence, self-respect, self-control, self-esteem and self-discipline.

Working together