3 powerful Belgian sports
8.000 members, outdoor sport, team sport. That’s a summary of the three national sports of Belgium: Staande-wip, Krulbol and Krachtbal.

Staande-wip (Popinjay Shooting)
The archer aims at one or several targets which are placed high up on a vertical pole. The more targets are hit, the better the score. This game developed from medieval times when the useage of bow and arrow as war weapons was replaced by firearms. To avoid loosing those precise shooting skills, archery became a recreational sport.

Krulbol (Curlball)
The tyre-shaped balls need to be rolled as close as possible towards a vertical stick. By doing so, it is allowed to push the balls of the other team further away. The ball closest to the stick wins. The traditional game appeared at the end of the 19th century and is now practiced by people of all ages, outdoors as well as indoors.

Krachtbal (Powerball) was invented in 1962 by a Belgian sports teacher as an alternative to the monotonous fitness training with a medicine ball. This became a traditional sport. The rules are simple: Four players of a team need to catch the heavy ball and throw it into the opposing field.

Kaatsers pay attention
We’d like to say to the Belgian people: “Wolkom in Fryslân”. We gladly see your sports during the European Sports for All Games in August. Hein Comeyne is an active ambassador for promoting traditional European sports. He is very pleased to meet international athletes, volunteers and sports people and wants to give them “a taste of our national sport“. Comeyne himself is very interested in trying out the local and national Frisian sport of Kaatsen in August. Who knows, he might have talent!

Working together