The Games consisted of a main and an opening programme:

Preparation programme

The preparation programme started in November 2017. We set Frisians into motion. We did thats by organising various exercise activities for young and old such as Walking Football and Shuffleboard (German sport) in the county. These activities were for people who, for various reasons, are unable to participate in sports and exercise activities: #sportsforall

Main programme
From August 3rd until 7th , dozens of organisations, hundreds of volunteers and participants and thousands of visitors gave (the traditional) sports a podium. Fryslân welcomed 20 international teams* with 50 traditional sports, 200 participants and tens of thousands visitors. Together we saw, felt and experienced the passion for sports and movement. Everyone could and can participate on his or her own level, that’s what it’s all about: #sportsforall

*Belgium, Denmark, France, Finland, Friesland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Scotland, Spain, Slovenia, The Netherlands and The United Kingdom.

Participate, have fun, discover and experience new (traditional) sports together

What makes the European Sports for All Games special?
We connect… with traditional sports
We connect various European traditional sports and our ‘own’ Frisian culture sports with each other in Frisian villages and cities. Traditional sports that belong to the identity of every country of the past, now and in the future.

In 2018, Fryslân will be the playing field where friendships, new ideas, a powerful open community and numerous initiatives will be created in villages and cities. We make people aware of a sustainable change and an adjusting lifestyle. All of this contributes to a vital Fryslân: a vital population and villages. This makes us as human beings happier: #behappy.

We demonstrate where we come from, who we are and what we are going to become.

We are healthy
Did you know that every year about 350 Frisians die because of insufficient physical activity.? Particularly in 2018, we want to help the 240.000 people in Fryslân to become more active. Those, who do not exercise enough, are at greater risk of developing diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. We therefore organize in 2018 various (renewed and traditional) exercise activities like “walking football” that everyone can participate in, every day, on his or her own level.

#sportsforall: Sport, move and relive every day: in your own way

We feel happiness
That smile, the little jump in the air: sport can create a wonderfully happy feeling. Fun is the greatest motivation for sports and exercise. For some, it is winning a medal at the Olympic Games and for others, walking up the stairs or taking a walk is a great victory.

Be proud of yourself and your own achievement

Who are we organizing the Games with?
The European Sports for All Games is organized by Sport Fryslân, NOC*NSF and Tafisa. It is made possible by the county of Fryslân, European Union (Erasmus +), Stichting De Friesland and De Friesland Zorgverzekeraar. The European Sports for All Games are part of the (main) programme of Leeuwarden-Fryslân 2018.

Fryslân is the proud host for the first European Sports for All Games in 2018 (For years these games have been organised by the World Sports Organization TAFISA). Our goal is to give the future of the European and World Sports for All Games a boost. Of course we don’t do this alone. Together with volunteers, sport associations and businesses from all over the country, we let all participants and visitors from Fryslân, the Netherlands and Europe see, feel and experience what connects our cultures. It will be a fantastic experience!

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Working together