The games have been from TAFISA since 1992


TAFISA is the international leader in grass roots sports. She tries to make the world aware of the advantages and the importance of sufficient exercise.


TAFISA has more than 300 member organizations in more than 160 countries on all continents. They actively cooperate with other global change agents, including the UN, the WHO, UNESCO, the IOC, ICSSPE. TAFISA is committed to increasing participation in sports and exercise activities. They do this by being the initiator of the World Sport for All Games and the European Sports for All Games.


TAFISA has been organizing the World Games since 1992, in which athletes from all over the world practice their traditional sports. For the first time in its history, there is now a European version of this event: the European Sports for All Games.


TAFISA is looking forward to the games in Friesland
Wolfgang Baumann, Secretary-General TAFISA: “You are extremely motivated. This region has found a way to bridge the gap between traditional and modern sports. And this is important when we want to fight the epidemic of inactivity.
Traditional sports and games can certainly play a role in that and at the same time help to protect and promote our diversity. Here in Friesland we know how to keep the traditional sports and games alive since they are an integral part not only of our history but in particular of our culture of today. The message is “Be Active”, and not only those sports like soccer that attract the most media attention but in particular traditional sports and games can make people become physically active – more often and regularly!”


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