Sport Fryslân sets Frisians in motion by the European Sports for All Games

Almost one in three Frisian residents moves too little. Every day we are committed to getting these 240,000 inactive Frisians in motion. 2018 is a special year. Sport Fryslân organizes the European Sports for All Games.

The European Sports for All Games must ensure that strong connections arise; connections between people, organizations, cultures and countries. Anne Jochum de Vries, director Sport Fryslân: “If we can guarantee this together as partners, then the European Sports for All Games will really make a special contribution to the ‘community’. Then we reconnect people and we – with each other – literally and figuratively move. But let us not forget that the European Sports for All Games is about taking part and having fun, because; don’t we all still want to play? ”

Why does Sport Fryslân organize these games?
In the months leading up to the European Sport for All Games (3-7 August), various sports and activities take place aimed at participation, health and volunteers. The European Sport for All Games gives an impulse to the exercise and movement of all Frisian residents, including those where the participation in sport is lagging behind. This event contributes to the formation of social networks across different cultures. For NOC * NSF and Sport Fryslân the Games represent a unique opportunity to realize goals in the field of sports and exercise.

The effects that the event has on the objectives concerning sports and exercise and social reinforcement are monitored. The effects are part of a European knowledge day during the Games on 7 August. After the Games they will be distributed via the Sportkompas European.

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