What is shuffleboard?
Almost everybody knows the sport jeu de boules or curling. The rules are simple, but they are fun sporting activities that everyone can play. There is another variant: shuffleboard. This is a popular sport, especially in Germany.
You score by playing your disc within a points section of the game mat. The disk must lie freely in the box to score (so don’t touch lines). The winner is the one who first achieves the number of agreed points. This is a sport that everybody can participate in: #sportsforall.

We introduce this sport in the Netherlands, because it is an accessible sport. People are moving, having fun with each other. We focus on seniors and people with disabilities.

From August 3-7, we organize the European Sports for All games in Friesland. 20 international countries are coming to our province. Through clinics these countries introduce their traditional sport and everybody can participate. On the 7th of August we organize an Open Championship Shuffleboard in Heerenveen. Everybody can participate!

Want to play shuffleboard? #sportsforall

How can I participate?
Do you want to introduce shuffleboard in your residential care institution? The coming time we organize introduction courses. Do you want us to come over? Do you also want to get people moving? Experience the fun of shuffleboard. Please contact Riemke via riemke@sportfryslan.nl or 06-10323121.

Where can I borrow a Shuffleboard court?
We provide the shuffleboard materials (up to the European Sport for All Games) for free. You can borrow the materials for a maximum of four weeks. Contact us for the possibilities or for more information! Via riemke@sportfryslan.nl or 06-10323121.

Want to know more about the European Sports for All games? Check for more info here.

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