You say Fryslân, then you say sports


The Province of Fryslân is a Frisian government body that wants to build a beautiful and strong Friesland together with the ‘community’. The Frisian community is number one here. The European Sports for All Games show our sport culture. With the project we show that we are a healthy, moving Frisian society.


Province of Fryslân, gedeputeerde Michiel Schrier: “You say Fryslân, then you say sports. Fryslân is therefore not unique. Many European countries also have their own cultural sports. Sports that tell an active story and bring out the history of countries or regions. Sports that have provided the residents of those countries with pleasure and togetherness for decades. The games provide a wonderful opportunity to present that diversity of Europe in a lively way, and will come together in the context of European Sports for All Games next year.


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