Leeuwarden-Fryslân 2018: The community is central

Leeuwarden-Fryslân is the Cultural Capital of Europe in 2018. For a whole year Friesland shows her lifestyle, with a focus on connecting people. Sport and culture play an important role in this. It’s not only essential to see what and who can be drawn to Friesland. It’s also important to show your own culture to the rest of the world. Culture is not the goal here, but rather the means to build a social community.

Immie Jonkman, Leeuwarden-Fryslân 2018: “The program Leeuwarden-Fryslân 2018 is a culture program and in our view culture represents how you deal with each other, so sport is definitely culture. We want people to start a movement with their part of our program, to start a change. The Games certainly do that. As the only part of our main program that focuses on sport, they connect people (Frisians and people from dozens of European countries) through one of the most universal languages: exercise and sport. The guest athletes are housed in different Frisian villages: you can hardly find a better example of an ‘open community’.”

Want to know more? Look at www.friesland.nl.

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