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Check: Belgium: Staande-wip, Krulbol and Krachtbal


Belgium: Staande-wip, Krulbol and Krachtbal

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„I look forward to enjoy the nature of Friesland and to learn about the history and the culture.”

Kouhei Iwao

Lawyer and Instructor of Chanbara

Check: Italy: Ruzzolone


Italy: Ruzzolone

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In terms of movement, this sport is so complex that you can always still learn something, the endless search for the perfect jump is always a motivation for me.”

Hannes Scherjon


„We would like to spread knowledge and skills about our Polish games during the European Sports for All Games.”

Małgorzata Bronikowska

Check: Poland: Pierścieniówka


Poland: Pierścieniówka

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„These popular sports are a fascinating piece of Flemish heritage, a good way to meet people and to spend a healthy leisure time.”

Hein Comeyne

Coordinator of the Flemish Traditional Sports Federation of the National Sports Association

Check: Japan: Chanbara


Japan: Chanbara

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Japan: Chanbara

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Watch the aftermovie of the European Sports for All Games and joy and enjoy! Also take a look in the official book that has been made and enjoy!

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